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Megazipline Rappbodetalsperre

Elbingerode (Harz)

The opening of the longest double-rope flying fox in Europe on the 11th Nov, 2012 at 11.11 o'clock in the Rappbodetalsperre in Harz (Elbingerode) was really no carnival joke. From that moment on with the help of a roller (OC Falcon), participants were able to jump from a start tower and fly side-by-side with speeds up to 100 km/h down a 1000-metre-long flying fox.  Secured in a ‘lying-harness’ conceived in cooperation with the producer, the participants lie face-down with their head to the front, hurtling over treetops and waterways towards a landing platform 120m below.

We from hochkant GmbH assisted the event company of "Harzdrenalin" by taking over the complete concept and project management, and by close collaboration with the operator, stakeholders and suppliers the high demands for functionality and safety could be fulfilled.

A special technical challenge was the spanning of the steel rope over such a long distance, but with the help of one of the biggest civil transport helicopters in Germany the rope was hung. A second major challenge was maintaining the required sag over such a distance, but with the use of two special winches we were able to counteract the effect climate plays on the steel rope.

The start tower was designed in a way that allows for future extensions by adding new attractions.  E.g. free-fall jumps.


Type: Mega Flying fox terrier, start tower and observation tower
Construction: Autumn, 2012
Rope length: 1000 m
Inspection Institute: TÜV Safety Standards Authority
Norm: EN 15567



Video zum Bau