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“Giga-swing” – “Titan RT” pedestrian suspension bridge at Rappbode Dam

Rappbode Dam (Saxony-Anhalt)

The ultimate adrenaline rush can be experienced on the world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge at Rappbode Dam in the Harz region. Here, we have built a Giga-swing on which daring visitors plunge 75 metres downwards through the air and swing back and forth in the valley.

They are launched from a suspended platform in the centre of the bridge structure, 100 metres above the Bode river reservoir. Access to this is via the gently swaying suspension bridge itself. This is where the thrill-seekers are prepared for their jump. They are strapped into a jump harness, instructed on the rules of conduct, double-checked by the instructors and suspended at the securing point. At this point, participants can decide whether they want to be released by an instructor or whether they dare to take the leap into the depths of the valley themselves (passive/active jump).

3... 2... 1... go! Participants plummet 75 metres downwards in a thrilling free fall and then swing back and forth. When the swinging comes to a stop, a digitally controlled winch hoists the participants back up to the suspended platform.

For the implementation of the Giga-swing, we coordinated the design and assembly in close consultation with our clients from Harzdrenalin UG. We also trained the instructors. The facility has been certified by the German technical inspection agency TÜV.


Type: Giga-swing
Structure: “Titan RT” pedestrian suspension bridge
Jump depth: 75 m
Standard: DIN EN 15567