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High Ropes Course, Böbing

Böbing (Bavaria)

Within the grounds of the "St Hedwig" Child and Youth Welfare Facility in Böbing, we erected a classical high ropes course with four exercises.  The purpose of this facility was to provide experiential-education and team-trainings.  The collective completion of exercises like ‘flying bridge’, ‘coaching bridge’, ‘giant ladder’ and ‘wall bars’ promote team spirit and communication within the group.  The participants are secured by their partners on the ground (Top Rope method), a central element in team trainings.  The Sisters of ‘St. Hedwig’ provide the well-qualified trainers for supervision.

A special challenge with the construction of this high ropes course was the difficult access to the building site due to being located in the facility gardens. We anchored the masts by means of concrete foundations.


Type: High Ropes Course (team)
Construction: 2007
Elements: 4
Height: up to xx m
Norm: EN 15567