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Treehouse Hotel Allgäu

The Treehouse Hotel Allgäu is the first one of it’s kind in the Allgäu region. The special feature of this project is that all four houses are affixed on steel cables and therefore are free hanging in the trees. The trees act as a living support frame. To make sure the trees can bear the load of the houses we contracted a static engineering company specializing in trees to evaluate them.

The center of each house forms a tunnel which allows for enough space around the trunk for future growth. The tunnel’s interior features a window which lets the tree become the centrepiece.

All four houses are easy to access by a staircase which leads to a large main terrace . The roof terrace can be reached from the first floor and invites you to spend time directly under the tree tops. The well designed interior makes it possible to accomodate four people comfortably on a 27 m2 living space. There are two comfortable bedrooms, a modern kitchen, a homely dinning and living room corner and a well equipped bathroom. 

The Tree-Houses are built with external shutters, are well insulated and have a heating sytem which makes them perfect for all year-round accomodation. 


Contruction: summer 2014
Houses: 4 Tree-Houses
Hight: 4 m
Extras: free hanging




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