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Treehouse Hotel Allgäu – extension 2018

Two more houses have been added to the Treehouse Hotel Allgäu which was built in 2014. A distinctive architecture was developed for the two new structures, which have been appropriately nicknamed “the eggs”.

The three-storey houses are conveniently furnished with a fitted kitchen, dishwasher and modern bathroom and offer a comfortable amount of space for up to four people to spend the night. The generous open-plan kitchen features a
floor-to-ceiling panoramic window that creates a direct connection between nature and the interior space.

Essential to the tree house concept are the spacious terraces almost four metres above the ground, and additional balconies around eight metres above the ground. The terraces form the actual connection to the trees because the trunks come up through the terrace floor. Guests can relax here among the branches.

Both houses meet the high requirements of the current German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), which presented a particular challenge when it came to the curved walls. To optimise installation and erection times, the two houses were constructed as prefabricated modular sections and only put together on site.


Type: Treehouse hotel
Houses: 2
Height: Approx. 11 m
Extra: exeptional Design


Photos: Baumhaushotel Allgäu / hochkant GmbH