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Treehouse Hotel Allgäu – extension 2021

The tree and stilt houses by Treehouse Hotel Allgäu in Betzigau is a true tourism success story. The demand for comfortable holiday homes in nature is so large that the family-run company have now expanded their range of accommodation with four new rustic ‘Landei’ homes.

As with the first of both stilt houses, the location of the homes was chosen to ensure perfect integration into the small, wooded area near the farmstead. The location of the existing trees was also considered in the planning of the large wooden terraces to ensure perfect integration.

The planning and construction of the rustic tree houses was completed in seven months, as planned, despite difficult weather conditions due to the onset of winter and lots of rainfall.


Construction: 2020/2021
Homes: 4 stilt houses
Height: 11 m
Extra: installed as a free-hanging home