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Tree-top Path Scheidegg

Scheidegg (Allgäu)

The Tree-top Path "Skywalk Allgäu" is a suspension bridge construction with its load-bearing structure made completely from steel. The stairs and the pathway were paved with wooden planks. With a total length of approx. 540m, the path winds up to 35m height without barriers to the treetops of a forest into which the path was attentively integrated.

The access occurs by way of a gently rising curved path with intermittent landings. Highlight of the facility is a viewing platform integrated into a 35m tower, where one can enjoy the magnificent view of the foothills of the Alps, to the Bodensee region. The platform can be also reached with a lift.

We from hochkant carried out the complete base work, the conception and planning for this project.


Type: Tree Top Path
Construction: 2010
Height: up to 35 m