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“Baumwipfelpfad ” treetop path at Bad Iburg horticultural show

Bad Iburg (Lower Saxony)

Designed as a highlight of the horticultural show in Bad Iburg, the treetop path is expected to enhance the attractiveness of the town and the Teutoburg Forest region as a tourist destination in the long term. With a total length of 439 metres and a height of up to 28 metres, the bridges of the treetop path wind through the trees of an ancient mixed woodland forest.

Bad Iburg treetop path has 2 access towers and thus closes the gap in a circular route concept. Main access is via the taller of the 2 towers (32 metres high). From its viewing platform, visitors can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the town and the surrounding region. The climb up to the platform involves 158 steps that wind around the tower up to the top. A lift is available inside the tower for people with disabilities and visitors with pushchairs. The treetop path is accessed via the lowest tower platform at a height of 17 metres.

As the project manager, we were responsible for the treetop path from the initial idea through to planning and construction. The general contractor Biedenkapp (Wangen) executed the large-scale project.

Situated along the treetop path are a variety of environmental education stations which focus on a range of topics, including forest ecosystems and the geology of the Teutoburg Forest, in 10 different subject areas.


Type:  Treetop path
Constructed: 2017/18
Entrance tower:    32 m
Path length:    439 m
Special feature: Fully accessible


Determining the height

Construction site

Photos of the structure