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Education (Ropes Course)

To be able to operate your facility safely, successfully and economically, well-qualified staff is essential. 

As an education institute, "IAPA-Trainer-Construction", we train and certify employees of facilities built or maintained by hochkant.

In different training modules, our experienced instructors provide all the basic requirements to be able to supervise your guests professionally.  Technical content is also a part of the training and enable your employees to carry out minor maintenance works independently.

IAPA Training modules:

  • Instructor Adventure Park (approx. 3 days): providing visitors with safety equipment,  safety instruction, supervision
  • Rescuer Adventure park (approx. 3 days): Rescue, inspection (is based on "Instructor")
  • IAPA Toprope Belayer (approx. 2 days): Top-rope safety-system and supervision

Further Training - (e.g., Safety Manager) can be carried out directly with the IAPA: