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Inspection and Servicing

Ropes Courses

To guarantee the safety of your facility concerning technological and operational matters, we are able to offer you the required annual inspection (Ropes Course Type C) as well as the servicing and maintenance for all products that we build. Tied in with Inspection appointments, smaller repairs can be immediately addressed. Should defects be ascertained during inspection, we offer timely, uncomplicated and comprehensive maintenance service. With the trained eye and comprehensive experience built over many years, our employees can contribute significantly to the safety and to the preservation of your facility.  If requested we can provide a maintenance plan to help you deal with your maintenance and inspection requirements.


Our Playgrounds Expert will take over the annual inspection of your playground, providing a thorough judgment of the equipment’s condition, function, safety and fall protection. If necessarily, we take over the repair of the play devices.

Nature Experience Path

A regular examination and care of your Nature Experience Path decisively contributes to the attraction and longevity of the signage and stations. When required we check and clean regularly the stations and any smaller repairs is carried out directly on site. The same offer stands for playgrounds and play equipment as in the area of Nature Experience Paths.  To simplify for you the organisation of regular inspections in the areas of Rope garden, playgrounds and nature experience paths, we offer a servicing contract.