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A safe and economically viable ropes course depends largely on choosing the appropriate safety-system. Factors like target-group, visitor frequency, personnel requirements and operating expenses are closely dependent on it. With you we search for the best possible system of your facility. In our assortment we only offer safety-systems produced by well recognised manufacturers who offer suitable and reliable products, and guarantee the highest safety. We are also ready to assist with the reconstruction of existing facilities.

Self-Belay System (formerly known as “cow’s tail”)

This type of safety system is the classical variation of safety. Two Carabiners connected to a lanyard are hung in to the safety rope/s and used independently by the participant. This requires a high level of self-responsibility of the participant, and therefore is extremely satisfying after successfully overcoming the parks challenges. This form of safety system is recommended particularly with Ropes Courses which are designed for experiential-education. To guarantee the greatest possible safety here, safety trainers with appropriate education should be available.

Communicating Safety System

New possibilities in terms of self-belay systems, is the so-called Communicating or Passive Safety System. What makes this system special is the technology that allows two carabiners to communicate with each other. If the participant opens one carabiner, the other recognizes this, and blocks itself from opening. Only when the opened carabiner is closed in the safety-rope again, can the other carabiner be opened. Therefore becoming disconnected from the safety rope is practically impossible, and safety risks are minimized to effectively null. However, the participant still has the feeling of a "real" climbing experience because they themselves were responsible for the movement of their carabiners. The ergonomic carabiner form also allows ease of use for even child-sized hands. Maximum safety in connection with relatively low oversight needs make this type of system an attractive partner for a park operator.

Permanent safety systems

A new development which continuously protects the visitors to the adventure park from the moment they enter a parcours until they leave it, are known as permanent or semi-passive safety system. Incorrect use of the system and other possible gaps in safety are excluded, thereby offering guaranteed maximum safety from beginning to end. The safety system can be designed to flow smoothly from platform to platform, through the elements, guaranteeing worry-free fun for the visitor, and for safety trainers and operators alike. Thus your Adventure Park is usable without limitation for every target group. Due to its uncomplicated ease of use, a high visitor's frequency is possible with comparably low supervision and low maintenance costs.


In the event of a fall or a descent, an Abseil-device protects the falling climber by lowering them gently and reliably at a constant speed. This is a fully automatic safety device for a wide variety of climbing facilities and events alike. By making use of its self-regulating braking system it is suitable for children and adults equally. These systems are also suitable for both High Ropes Courses and climbing facilities with high visitor numbers.


In the Ropes Course Industry “Toprope” is a very simple method of providing safety for vertical climbing exercises. The safety rope runs from the safety team/-trainer on the ground through a point above the element down to the climber. In the event of a fall, the participant is permanently secured by his partner/team/trainer. Also, at any point the participant is fatigued, they can simply sit back in the harness to recover. Not only coordination and strength is required, but also social abilities like communication, responsibility, and trust. Therefore this system is suited very well for an operation oriented towards experiential-education and/or team activities that are monitored by well qualified trainers.

Flying Fox Roller

These rollers are designed especially for Mega-Flying Foxes (Mega-Ziplines) and are used like a shuttle. For the ride, the roller is hung on the steel wire rope and the participant is secured to it in either a seated or recumbent position. Depending on the usage, the roller can be equipped with a brake. This regulates the maximum speed and provides for a controlled ride for the participant. According to the roller type, it is also possible to incorporate a ‘Rücklaufsperre’ (prevents the roller travelling back along the rope after arrival), promoting ease of use for the staff, and adding safety and comfort for the participant. By use of a hard rubber layer on the roller, you can minimize noise to a minimum, while lengthening the life of the steel wire rope.